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Blowout is an app for social networking, specially designed for university students. It allows for creating events and staying in touch with the members using live chat. An event can be made private or public, accounting for exclusivity. The user can create a personal profile and keep track of their events. Organizations and clubs can utilize this app to host events and monitor attendance. Many more features will be coming soon. Stay tuned.

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How Students and Organizations Can Use the App

Blowout is a new and fun way to host, find, and go to all of your college events.

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"First time ever - an app that promises to help you connect in an easier way in your local communities with all events and group channels. It's a game changer"

Manit Kaushal, Founder & Ceo

For Students, For Clubs and Organizations, For Colleges and For You

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All organizations can add members and make private or public events categorize under like social, fundraising, or parties events. Each event makes a personal group chat for the attendees. Students can add to each other and make their own events as well.

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We save no data. We sell no data. It works just amazing. All chats get deleted after every event. You forget someone you connected with - always go back to check the event's attendee list.

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